Bust out of the dinner rut! Fresh autumn dinners that are quick, easy, and totally delicious

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The leaves are golden, the nights are crisp—with the turn of the seasons, it’s time to shake up your meal planning and try out these super comforting, colorful recipes.

Autumn is such an exciting time to cook together—there are so many delicious in-season ingredients to sample, and lots of ways to cook them now that the cooler temperatures mean your slow cooker and your oven can be on again. But the fast pace of juggling work, school and activities mean it can be really easy to fall into eating the same things over and over again. Bust out of that dinner rut—we’ve got lots of ideas from our community recipes for ways to refresh your dinner routine, and enjoy getting into the kitchen again. 

If your fridge is bare but you need dinner fast, try shakshouka or chorizo huevos rancheros—both recipes are based on simple eggs and pantry ingredients, but can be jazzed up with any fresh ingredients you happen to have on hand. 

Sheet pan dinners also come together quickly and are easy for kids to help you assemble—your more experienced sous-chefs can chop potatoes, cauliflower, peppers or zucchini for roasting, while younger chefs can help pour olive oil and sprinkle seasonings.

Warm spices and colourful veggies can help cheer up the rainiest autumn nights. Try this vegetable korma and this cauliflower and spinach bhaji for easy weeknight dishes that feature bright colours and flavours. 

Ramen is a crowd-pleaser that’s easy to customize, and a great way to clean out your fridge at the end of the week. And chocolate chip chili is easy to get everyone excited to try (the inspiration actually comes from Mexican mole sauce), and can be made in a slow cooker so that everyone arrives home to a hot dinner. Finally, this Filipino chicken and potato curry recipe is a delicious mix of chicken and veggies that’s ready in about 30 minutes.

If you’re looking for a delicious autumn baking project but you’re short on ingredients, try Grandma Chang’s cookies: no eggs, no baking powder, no baking soda, no problem. Plus, we’ve got more baking ideas here for kids and parents, plus advice on acing the autumn bake sale season together. 

For more ways to light up your fall meals, start with this read on why family meals can boost your well-being. Then, get creative with dinner time—we’ve got meal ideas for lego lovers, food you can eat with your hands, recipes to see you through the worst weather, plus a line up of movie and games night meal ideas. And if your family loves a magical after-dinner read, try these recipes inspired by the most enchanting children’s books. (Accio pumpkin juice!)

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  • I love the fall/autumn season and one of my favorites is eating hearty warm meals that fit the seasonal changes. Thank you for the additional ideas for meals! Sam

    Sam 10 November 2019, at 8:29 am