Breakfasts that stick: basic breakfast recipes that'll keep you and your family going (and going...)

Get excited about breakfast again with this collection of made-to-order recipes! We’ve got the perfect breakfast for every kind of morning, whether it’s a five-minute mad dash or lazy Sunday start.

Does your breakfast need a bit of a refresh? If your family’s sick of the same thing every morning, we’ve got some great ideas for energy-packed breakfasts that stick. Browse our breakfast recipe archives, or use our handy guide below to the perfect breakfast, depending on your family’s morning style. No matter what kind of morning you’re having, get ready to wake up to something delicious!

5 minute breakfast

Need to get out the door fast? Check out our ideas for breakfasts on the run.

15 minute breakfast

Try these three easy variations on the classics:

  • Instant oatmeal with mix-ins: Let your kid make their instant oatmeal to order by stirring in their own toppings. Try pepitas, nuts, raisins, chopped fresh fruit, berries, cinnamon (kids will enjoy shaking their own over top), apple sauce, jam or honey. For this breakfast to really stick to their ribs, include a source of protein. Let your kid stir in a spoonful of nut butter and a slosh of milk.
  • Smoothies: Want to shake up your smoothie routine? We have lots of recipes for you here!
  • Toast with fixings: Wake up morning toast by letting your kiddo smooth avocado and salt over their toast; or nut butter and a shake of pumpkin pie spice or cinnamon.

Breakfast that’s ready when you are

If you have zero time in the mornings, a pre-made breakfast is the way to go - all of these breakfasts are easy to assemble the night before with your kids. Then, just throw them into your slow cooker or fridge, and wake up to a breakfast that tastes like you woke up waaaay earlier.

If you’re having a lazy weekend morning, we’ve got lots of brunch ideas for you and your family—and if you crave breakfast for dinner, we’ve got inspiration for that too. Want to encourage your child to fix their own breakfast (or even make yours!) in the morning? Check out these kitchen hacks for helping to encourage independence in your smaller chefs.

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