Breakfast and lunch and dinner of champions: Olympic recipes your family will love

Does your family have an Olympic-sized appetite? We've got recipes that will help you go for the gold.

The Winter Olympics never fail to get kids up and at ‘em, whether they’re working on their (fake) speed skating on the kitchen floor, or improving their (real) hockey game. This month we’re sharing our best tips for dishes that will add a little dazzle to your Olympics-viewing party, plus get everyone fuelled up for getting outside!

Lord of the rings: For a laid-back party, try these fruit trays that are arranged like the Olympic rings - or go for the gold with homemade mini pizzas! Making your own pizzas is surprisingly easy (here’s how) and a great way to get the whole family in the kitchen to unleash their creative side: try decorating your pizzas with yellow veggies (for gold medals) or go big and make one pizza per each colour of the rings.

Take a taste trip: Don’t miss this fantastic excuse to cook up some delicious Korean dishes. Try Korean fried rice, Hearty Kimchi Pancakes with Beef, or Gamja Jorim. While you munch, learn more about South Korea and bounce along to the sweet rhymes in Linda Sue Park's picture book Bee-Bim Bop. If that makes you hungry hungry hungry, head to the kitchen and get cooking—this recipe makes it easy to put together this dish (also known as bibimbap). Then, learn the proper way to eat your bibimbap, and—if this taste whets your appetite—discover more tasty Korean recipes here.

Add a dash of fun: We love this mini ice rink activity you can make using just your freezer. To decorate your kitchen (and help your kids spot the different countries in each sport), here’s an easy World Flags printable—and if you're feeling crafty, it makes fun bunting too! To burn off a little energy (and share a laugh) try balloon hockey - all the tools you need to create cardboard hockey sticks (and a black balloon puck) are easy to assemble using your kitchen recycling, plus a little imagination.

Are you heading out to compete in winter sports of your own? We’ve got power snacks for your kiddos to help fuel them up for after-school activities—and you might be surprised by some of the science that shows how eating together as a family can make you a better athlete.

We’d love to hear about what special dishes you’re making while you enjoy the Olympics—please share them with us on our Facebook Page or Instagram feed!

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