Better Together Pocket Guide: Springtime fun in the kitchen!

It's spring and we're all ready for something new! Whether you're looking for activities to get your kids through spring break or fresh recipe ideas, we've got you covered with our pocket guide to springtime fun in the kitchen.

It’s spring, it’s raining, the kids are home, and you’ve exhausted all of your indoor fun ideas. Never fear! We’ve got lots of ideas to keep your kids busy and happy in the kitchen, whatever the weather. 

Kitchen Fun 101: Here’s how to make cooking spaces for kids that also let them safely play -- and learn skills like washing dishes! 

Spring break activities: Shake up some instant ice cream, make milk carton cars, try some magic tricks, and learn some science with our March break activity guides!  

Learn something new: We’ve got ideas for over 40 different school subjects you can explore right in your own kitchen, from astronomy to zoology. Don’t forget to eat your homework! 

Fast forward to the future: Find out what’s cooking on the International Space Station, and make some futuristic food of your own.

Celebrate spring: Ring in the spring with recipes from around the world -- and enjoy maple syrup season while you’re at it!

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