Better Together Pocket Guide: How to teach your kid to cook!

Want to get your kids in the kitchen, but not sure how? This pocket guide can help you teach kids of any age to cook—plus you'll find lots of ideas to reinforce school subjects like math and science in your very own kitchen. Roll up your sleeves, this pocket guide will make cooking class a breeze!

When schedules get busier, and stress runs higher, cooking together can help! That’s why autumn is the perfect time to teach your kids to cook. Studies show that cooking and eating together can promote well-being. And, when children have the skills to prepare their own school lunch or help with dinner—that helps to build their confidence in other areas too! Even when it’s just for fun, cooking is a tasty way to stay in the swing of school: in fact, we’ve researched over 40 school subjects you can brush up on right in your own kitchen, starting with math and science

Ready to get cooking? Here’s how to teach kids of any age to cook with you: 

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