Best of the wurst!! How to celebrate Oktoberfest with your family

One of the best parts of Autumn is Oktoberfest—here's how to celebrate with your fam!

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Good food and foot-stomping music: is there any better way to celebrate autumn? Although it’s well known for its origins in Munich (and its famous beer), Oktoberfest has morphed into a family-friendly festival celebrated all over the world—including right here in BC (search 'Oktoberfest' and your town and you'll see what we mean). Can’t get to a public celebration? Here’s everything you need to add a little oom-pah to your autumn.


To make your own Oktoberfest-worthy dinner, start with these classic recipes. Sausages—aka “wurst”—are your must-have Oktoberfest dish. If you can’t track down varieties like bratwurst or frankfurters, go with your family’s favourites - just don’t forget to add pickles on the side! Add this red cabbage salad for a colorful traditional veggie dish that your kids will love to crunch. On the side, soft pretzels are surprisingly easy to make from scratch, and we love this version’s sweet twist. Slide a slice of pumpernickel on your plate, and don’t forget to track down a blue-and-white checkered tablecloth!


To wash down all that wurst, try a mug of mulled cider. It’s simple to make at home but be warned—the fragrance it makes is so irresistible you’ll want to make sure you’ve stocked up enough cider for seconds (and thirds). German children also drink herbal fruit teas—try out flavours like berry, pear, hibiscus or apple.


You can’t celebrate Oktoberfest properly without an oom-pah band—lucky for your kids, everything you need to make one is already in your kitchen. Here’s how to make your own trumpet, tuba and drum using mostly what’s already in your recycling bin.

If you’ve got a favourite Oktoberfest recipe to share with us, or you’d care to share your oompah band’s performance (bitte!), head over to our Facebook page - we’re always sharing new recipes there, and your ideas are always willkommen!

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