August around the world - take a tasty trip with us!

Take a trip around the world without leaving your kitchen, and taste how the rest of the northern hemisphere stays cool during the hottest days of the year. We share some of our favourite cool and kid-friendly summer recipes from Mexico, Poland, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam and—oh!—Canada.

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Feeling the heat? Cool off with us—take a trip around the world (without leaving your kitchen) and taste how the northern hemisphere stays cool during the dog days!

August kicks off avocado season, so start your trip with a little Mexican guacamole. This recipe is easy to outsource to your sous-chefs because the secret is mashing your ingredients with a wooden spoon—just don’t forget to leave the bit with the chiles to a grown-up. For a cool starter from the Middle East, try this fantastic hummus recipe  and let little ones have a blast pureeing and pouring.

Wash those appetizers down with a chilly beverage: this Thai watermelon drink is sure to be a hit, and you can’t beat classic lemonade for a puckery summer refresher. For a drink that’s practically a game in itself, Taiwanese Boba tea (bubble tea) is easy to make at home—and kids will love slurping up the tapioca pearls.

Next, Eastern European chilled soups are a tasty way to hydrate and get your veggies too. For a bright pink surprise of a soup, you have to try making Polish chlodnik, a refreshing beet soup made with yogurt. Slightly further east, sorrel soup (also known as schav) is a salty-sour soup that can be served cold or hot—if your kids like salt-and-vinegar potato chips, they already get the taste combo that makes this soup delicious.

Cold noodles are an easy main that takes very little time to make—try this tasty Goma Hiyashi Chuka recipe (think cold ramen) from Japan—or try our takes on Vietnamese Bun Cha and summer soba. On the east coast of the USA, crab cakes are a fun (and tasty) way to celebrate summertime—try them with corn-on-the-cob, potato salad and peach pie for a satisfying summer meal. Right at home in Canada, salmon and blueberries are in season—toss them with spinach in this tasty salad, grill it and top with this sweet sauce.

Did we miss a recipe you love? Share your favourite way to cool off with us by submitting your recipe here, or talk to us on Facebook and Twitter. And if you’re looking for more summery recipes, check out our archives for our favourite cool ideas!

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