Around the world before breakfast: easy international breakfasts to help you get up and go!

Is your breakfast routine feeling a little blah? Get some inspiration with these breakfasts from around the world, and get your September off to a delicious start.

Around the world, everyone is getting ready to head back to school. Whether you’re headed out the door, or just to the nearest computer, there’s one thing you can rely on: a good school day starts with a good breakfast. Learn about popular recipes from around the world, and then try shaking up your own breakfast! 

Our trip around the world starts in Sweden. Swedish breakfasts tend to be quite simple - yogurt, cereals, toast or porridge - there are some delicious ideas to try here. That simple breakfast gets powered up with the addition of traditional 10 o’clock and 4 o’clock fikas, or coffee breaks, where everyone enjoys Swedish pastries and a chat. Hungry? We’ve got lots of ideas for fika here for you to try at home. 

Turkish breakfasts consist of lots of delicious options including cheese, butter, olives, eggs, several kinds of breads, muhammera (a red pepper dip), tomatoes, cucumbers, meats, pastries, jam and honey. Interestingly, although the English word “yogurt” comes from Turkish, yogurt shows up at breakfast in a soup or savory dip - not as a sweet. 

Would you eat cake for breakfast? In Brazil, it’s perfectly acceptable - along with grilled french bread, fresh fruit and lots of cheese. 

All over East Asia - and here in BC - lots of families start their day with congee. We love these stories about how two BC families enjoy congee, and you can try the recipe here. To see a beautiful (and much more elaborate) example of how congee can be prepared, this video by Chinese blogger Lizi Qi  about making congee for her grandmother is quite magical. 

Want more inspiration? Check out this photo essay on children’s breakfasts from around the world. Or read through this beautiful series on a mosaic of BC breakfasts, where families share breakfasts they love from around the world and here at home. 

If your mornings tend to be a rush, we’ve rounded up 12 healthy breakfasts to go for you. Or, check out our list of breakfasts organized by prep time, from a 5 minute grab-and-go brekkie to a leisurely brunch. And for more inspiration, head to our Facebook and Instagram communities where we’re sharing lots of ideas to make your September a whole lot more delicious.

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