April Fool! Ring in the spring with silly recipes and activities

Easter is on April first this year: here are our favourite silly ways to ring in the spring with April Fools' Day pranks; science experiments; and holiday recipes!

We’ve got loads of recipes and ideas for you to celebrate springtime starting in your kitchen—and if your family is partial to April Fools', we’ve got some amazing recipes and kitchen-based science tricks for you to try together. You won’t believe your eyes! (Or your tastebuds.)

“April food” is a classic April Fools' prank—prepping one dish that looks exactly like another is a fun prank for crafty kids to play on a parent (and it’s tasty too!). Take these “donuts”, for example -- believe it or not, they’re actually sliced peaches. Or try "ostrich eggs"—just spread yogurt across a plate and top with a canned peach for the yolk. Faux noodles are a more sophisticated food switcheroo (this young chef had mixed results faking her brothers out with spaghetti squash noodles), so if you’re trying to keep things simple, these apple french fries will make a tasty side to your April Fools' lunch that still fools the eye. Don’t forget to pair it with a side of undrinkable juice (just make gelatin in your juice cups and chill till meal time).

April Fools' is also the perfect occasion to surprise everyone in a different way with these rainbow grilled cheese sandwiches: they’re totally simple to make together, but the finished sandwich is totally jaw-dropping. If you really want to go all out to celebrate both April Fools' and Easter, this sweet bunny surprise cake is a family cooking project that’s worth the effort.

After you’ve fuelled up, try some of these kitchen-based science experiments for tricks that will really get a wow from everyone. This physics experiment involves balancing a fork and spoon on a toothpick on the side of a glass...and then lighting the toothpick on fire! This experiment teaches two important physics principles that your kids are unlikely to forget once you joke “balanced diets are so important!” while you make their utensils defy gravity. For more amazing kitchen-based science experiments, we’ve got a complete kitchen science round-up here, and even more activity ideas here.

Of course, it’s the perfect weekend to have fun with eggs—try your hand at dying eggs with natural colours you can find in your kitchen, or start your own microgreens kitchen garden (use leftover eggshells to start your sprouts!) And for more spring celebrations, check out our ideas: we’ve got recipe suggestions for Nowruz, Pesach (or Passover), as well as cherry blossom viewing.

What’s your favourite way to celebrate the spring? We’d love to hear more on our Facebook Page or Instagram feed...and if you try your hand at one of the science experiments or recipes mentioned here, we’d love to see how it turns out!

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