Annual back-to-school round-up: meals and activities to simplify your September

Our annual back to school round-up is back—we’ve got everything you need to make heading back to school easy as 1, 2, 3!

The start of school can feel especially busy as the whole household’s routine shifts: days and evenings become more scheduled, and time to prep meals becomes shorter. To help you start the school year energized, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite meal ideas, after-school activities and posts on how cooking can help kids explore school subjects at home.  

Meal ideas: 

If you’re rushed for time, you might be feeling hesitant to make family meals a priority. But it’s worth it: multiple studies show that cooking and eating together is a major boost to everyone’s well being. To make it easier to make the time to sit down together, we’ve got tutorials on meal planning for beginners, tips on making family meals something to feel good about, and lots of fun meal ideas that we promise are crowdpleasers: try our build-your-own meal ideasfinger food dinners or vegetarian dinner ideas for salad-averse families. For mornings, these 5, 10 and 20 minute breakfast recipes are timed to get you fueled up and out the door. Finally, to make sure there are some nights where you don’t have to cook, be sure to check out our tutorial on the art of leftovers


Looking for a great way to spend some quality time after school? We’ve got loads of ideas for cooking projects! Here some of are our latest favourites to try, plus activity ideas to expand your family’s food horizons

School tools: 

Cooking together in a kitchen is not only a great way to relax together while making something delicious, it’s also a great way to build confidence in almost every school subject. Reading recipes, measuring and cooking all give kids a strong foundation for math and chemistry; and learning about the history of a recipe is a fantastic way to start learning about other cultures and countries.

To get your school year started right, we’ve rounded up all of our posts that talk about how cooking together can help kids with various school subjects…and we’ve included some fun after-school activities and meal ideas too.

If you don’t see the subjects you’re looking for on this list, check out our original school-tools round up, which includes ideas for cooking activities to help with Astronomy, Biology, Math, Chemistry and Physics, English and History!

Have you got a school subject you’d like us to explore, or an idea for a cooking activity we should try? We’d love to hear from you! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, where we’ll be sharing loads of ideas to help get you through back-to-school season. 

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