A chat with the Little Locavore, our youngest Hands-on Cook-off judge ever!

Enjoy this chat with the Little Locavore, our youngest Hands-on Cook-off judge to date, and a big inspiration to aspiring cooks—young & old— across BC.

He’s our youngest Hands-on Cook-off judge ever, but 12-year-old blogger Liam Lewis—aka, the Little Locavore—is no stranger to the kitchen. We caught up with him in between after-school practices and media appearances, to ask him about cooking, family, and what it’s like to be The Little Locavore. 

Better Together: Liam, can you tell us about how you became 'The Little Locavore’?

Liam Lewis: When I was 8, my parents decided to get rid of TV, but I was allowed to watch documentary shows on Netflix on the computer, so I watched a lot of cooking shows and developed a passion for cooking. My mom and I were reading the book called The Locavore by Sarah Elton, and that got me interested in cooking and especially the local food scene. When I was 10, I decided to start my blog, The Little Locavore.

BT: What inspired your cooking passion? (Did your parents encourage you?)

LL: Well, when I started, I really needed something to fill my time with, and once I started to make things, I saw that cooking is really creative and I loved it. Yes, my parents are encouraging; they buy all the ingredients I need for my cooking!

BT: How do you motivate your family to cook and eat together?

LL: We grocery shop together, and we eat dinner together and cook as much as we can. I am usually the one to find new recipes in cooking magazines, and that helps inspire us all to try to cook different things together, with ingredients that we sometimes don’t know about.

BT: Why are you excited to be a judge of the Hands-on Cook-off?

LL: I was very excited that I was invited. It will be great to see all the videos of the other kids and families, and see what they are making. I am especially excited because I got to meet and cook with Chef Hawksworth. [You can see Liam cooking with Chef Hawksworth on Global TV's Saturday Chef segement here!]

BT: Thanks, Liam! You're a great example to other young people who want to take charge in their kitchens! 

It’s easy to enter the Hands-on Cook-off - just grab your camera and get ready to film yourself, with a family member or a friend, cooking a favourite recipe. You could win great cash prizes for you or your school! Our panel of judges is looking for entries that show people having a a good time cooking together, so you don’t need to worry about having top notch filming equipment - a smile and a great recipe is all you need. You have till noon on May 15th to get your entries in, so get cooking!

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