10 Tips for Your Next Trip to the Farmers Market

We recently came across a freelance writer and expert on shopping and eating local named Molly Watson. The woman behind The Dinner Files, Molly contributes to publications like The New York Times and the San Francisco Chronicle. After reading her post entitled, 10 Farmers Market Shopping Tips: Make The Most Of Farmers Markets, we couldn’t help but wanting to share her expertise with our community here at Better Together!


*Note that Molly is based in the US so a few of the links in this article won’t be relevant to us British Columbians. Most importantly, find a listing of local Farmers Markets here: http://eatlocal.org/ or here on the BC Association of Farmers Markets website: http://www.bcfarmersmarket.org/. Another excellent guide to buying what’s in season can be found at Buy Local, Eat Natural: http://www.cookingwithcream.com/pdf/In-Season-Guide-2011.pdf


What we especially liked about this post is that Molly provides a ton of helpful advice on how to know your seasons, when to get to the market (to get the good stuff) and what to bring with you to max out your experience. Our fave tip: explore some inspiring new summer recipes before you go and shop like a chef!  Whether you’re already a Farmer’s Market frequenter or have yet to visit one, this article is a must read: 10 Farmers Market Shopping Tips: Make The Most Of Farmers Markets

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