10 New Meals for Your Weekly Repertoire

We aren’t afraid of making a bold statement every once in a while. Today is that day. We’ve scoured our favourite food blogs, cookbooks and our own personally beloved recipes to bring you a round-up 10 of the best meals we think everyone could—and should—include in their usual repertoire for a fresh, delicious change-up! They are ranked in no particular order. Some of these may already be on your weekly menu. But we hope there are at least a couple new ones you’ll love as much as we do. (ps. If you think we’re missing anything critical, let us know here!)

Tamara's Turkey Chili

#1: Pizza

OK, this might not be completely revolutionary but have you considered all your pizza opportunities? You could make or buy pre-made pizza dough and invite the kids to help select toppings. Hawaiian, Feta & Spinach, or Classic Pepperoni, pizza is a quick, delicious weekday meal. Add a side salad and voila! Here is a fantastic recipe for Pizza Crust by Dinner: A Love Story. We make double the recipe and keep it in the freezer. Roll it thinner if you like a thin crust. 

# 2: Tamara Taggart’s Turkey Chili

Miss Tamara shared this recipe for her own personal Turkey Chili with us back when we were starting Better Together and it’s made its way into many of our kitchens. It’s a tasty twist on classic Chili.  Enjoy!

# 3: Chicken Snitzel (Chicken Milanese)

Whether you fancy fish, pork or chicken, Schnitzel is a hit every time. Serve with some steamed veggies and rice or potatoes and you’ve got yourself one of the best meals going! Here’s a great Schnitzel recipe we’ve used from Gwyneth Paltrow’s My Father’s Daughter Cookbook.

#4: Italian Quick Fix

For a quick and delicious Italian meal, sauté Italian sausage with onions, peppers and tomatoes, add a jar of pasta sauce and serve over your favourite pasta. Bowties are fun!


#5: Green Rice aka Seco de Pollo 

This delicious recipe for Seco de Pollo comes from one of our favourite Mother-in-Laws! It’s a Peruvian specialty that is quick and simple and full of flavour. If you love cilantro, you'll be a happy camper. 


#6: Meeru Dhalwala's Chicken, Tomato and Green Bean Curry

Ever since we interviewed Meeru Dhalwala, the recipe creator for Vij’s and Rangoli restaurants, this recipe she shared has become a staple in many of our kitchens. It’s a mild curry that is great for those who aren’t big on hot spices. 


#7: Turkey Tex Mex Soup

 This Mexican-inspired soup was contributed to our site by a local family who calls it their leftover go-to.  Soup with chips? Big hit. 


#8 Veggie or Chicken Pot Pie

This time of the year especially, nothing beats a veggie or chicken pot pie. It’s usually a bit labour-intensive for a busy weeknight but you can always use premade dough or a store-bought crust to speed it up. Here’s a yummy recipe by Simple Bites for Root Veggie Pot Pie and here’s a great chicken version by Dinner: A Love Story. We make and put the filling directly into a pie dish and use dough on the top only for a slightly lighter pie.


#9 John Bishop’s Sell-Out Baked Manicotti

Famed restauranteur and Vancouver-based Chef John Bishop told us that when this recipe for Baked Manicotti came out in his Cooking at My House cookbook, the local Safeway sold out of manicotti shells within hours. Yes, it’s that good!


#10 Lesley Stowe's Kale Currant Pine Nut Salad

This is a lovely Kale salad to accompany any meal. Lots of variation possibilities with this one. Try blue cheese, red pepper and red onion with pine nuts for another twist.


Enjoy this round-up and don't forget to let us know if you think we missed a critical meal idea. Tell us your go-to weeknight meals by joining the conversation here!

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