10 easy kitchen hacks your family can actually use in the kitchen

Getting into the kitchen with your kids isn’t hard, especially when you make use of some simple kitchen hacks that make cooking together a snap.

Give these ideas a try, and if you’re looking for more, check out these tips from our online community—you’re sure to find some fresh ideas! 

1. The next time you’re making cookies, consider freezing some of the dough balls in a sealed plastic bag in your freezer. The result? Fresh cookies whenever you want! When you’re ready to enjoy some, just take your frozen dough balls out of the freezer and bake at the usual temperature and amount of time (note that you may need to add a few minutes to your regular baking time).  

2. Use your ice cube tray to freeze tomato paste, pesto, apple butter, and anything else you only need one or two servings of at a time. Once frozen, transfer your cubes to a sealed container in your freezer. 

3. Need lunch but short on time? Our young community member Lila has a great hack for making single serving mac and cheese in a cup -- using only your microwave! 

4. Don’t store green onions in your fridge. Instead, put their roots in a jar of water on the windowsill. Just snip the tops to enjoy—and they’ll keep growing for you for weeks! You can also stand herbs and asparagus upright in glasses of water in your fridge to help them stay fresh for longer. (And for more ideas to start an indoor garden from kitchen scraps, check out our post!)

5. Hungry but out of groceries? Make pasta e ceci—because all the ingredients are shelf-stable, this recipe is always ready to go.

6. If you’ve tried baking gluten-free with your kids, you know how irritating it can be if the results come out a little gritty tasting. One solution might surprise you: adding about ¼ of a cup of shredded coconut to any recipe that you’re trying to bake gluten-free will help it taste and feel like a regular baked good. Then, let your dough rest 10 minutes before shaping and baking. The coconut’s fat and water content help gluten-free baked goods taste smooth, and the extra rest time will give your dough a chance to absorb moisture and avoid that gritty feel.  

7. To get the most out of your fresh ginger, pop it in your freezer right away! Not only will it last much longer, it is easier to peel and grate than fresh ginger. 

8. Did you break a piece of eggshell into the eggs you just cracked? Don’t panic! Just use the other eggshell to scoop them out neatly. And if you’re baking with kids, make sure you always crack your eggs into a separate bowl before adding them to the mix -- that way, an egg disaster won’t affect your creation. 

9. When your kids are pouring dry goods into jars, set them up with a paper cone or silicone lid twisted into a funnel shape. It’s easier to manage than a funnel. 

10. If your kid is struggling to stir ingredients, slip a damp rag under the mixing bowl! The rag will stop the bowl from sliding around, letting your sous-chef get a grip on things. For more ideas to make your kitchen kid-friendly, check out our post on how to set up your kitchen to cook with your kids.

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