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Summer school: how to teach your kid knife skills!

Summer is a great time to upgrade your kiddo’s kitchen skills—the combination of relaxed downtime and ripe produce is a great motivator for kids…

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Curb Your Temptation

Tempting though it may be, it is best not to offer desserts as rewards for eating meals.

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Oma's Fruit Dumplings

This variation on the classic Czech dish is a family-favourite, passed down through generations.

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Asparagus with Dijon Thyme Shallots

Celebrate spring with asparagus dressed with a mouth-watering shallot topping.

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What Better Together is about

Better Together BC is here to help you experience the joys of cooking and eating together—whether in your family or with other groups of people. There are many benefits to eating together, including better nutrition, better school performance, and better social adjustment for everyone involved: kids, youth and adults. We know it's not always easy, but we're all in this together!