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How to ace a bake sale!

We’re sharing our best tips on how to get your kids doing the actual baking, plus easy recipes everyone will love.

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Summer refresher: we share recipes for refreshing summer drinks from history and around the world!

Feeling thirsty? We've got a slate of summer drinks that are sure to refresh you: from historic drinks like switchel and shrubs, to lassis and infused…

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Summer school: how to teach your kid knife skills!

Summer is a great time to upgrade your kiddo’s kitchen skills—the combination of relaxed downtime and ripe produce is a great motivator for kids…

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Let's Talk...Mealtime Conversation Cards for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Download and print double-sided to assemble your set of conversation starter cards. Choose a card, read it out loud and get talking!



Yummy Yam Energy Balls

These bite-sized balls are a tasty snack for all ages

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Warm Vanilla Milk

A simple, comforting warm drink

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What Better Together is about

Better Together BC is here to help you experience the joys of cooking and eating together—whether in your family or with other groups of people. There are many benefits to eating together, including better nutrition, better school performance, and better social adjustment for everyone involved: kids, youth and adults. We know it's not always easy, but we're all in this together!