Judging Criteria

This contest is all about bringing together food and fun in the kitchen by having two or more generations, or two or more youth demonstrate how to prepare a recipe. Breakfast, BBQ, pizza, salad, dinner, snacks…recipes in any category are acceptable. Share one of your favourites and show us why your recipe is made better together!

Video entries that meet the 3 minute time limit and adhere to the contest rules will be judged according to the following criteria:

Interaction (40%)

  • Participation:
    Make sure we can see and/or hear the two generations or two youth interacting. Everyone involved is actively engaged. Depending on the age and skill level of participants involved, participation may vary from watching all the steps attentively, to handing over ingredients, to measuring ingredients, to actually chopping, mixing etc.
  • Food Safety:
    Participants demonstrating the recipe follow food safety rules (such as washing hands before food preparation and after handling raw meat, poultry or eggs). For tips on food safety, check the BC online resource Caring about food safety.
  • Kitchen Safety:
    Basic kitchen safety rules are followed when kids are involved in food preparation (such as keeping children away from hot surfaces and hot pans). For tips on kitchen safety, check the cooking tips on Better Together.
  • Eating together:
    Ideally, video shows the participants enjoying the results of what they cooked together.

Creativity (40%)

  • Enjoyment/Fun:
    The two generations or two youth in the video are genuinely enjoying cooking together.
  • Inspiration:
    Video inspires people to cook together. Story is compelling.
  • Creativity concept:
    Video tells the story in a creative way.

Clarity (10%)

  • Recipe Re-creation:
    Recipe is easy to follow and re-create. You will probably not be able to show us everything within the 3-minute time limit. However, the video should show key steps in your demonstration—from preparation to the final product. Ingredients and amounts are clearly stated (through caption or narration).
  • Practical considerations:
    We can see what you are cooking. We can hear clearly what you are saying and how you are interacting, with minimal distracting noise. Check these tips on how to make a video.

X-Factor (10%)

  • Judges can award points for entries that have that "special something".

2015 videos will be judged by the following panel of experts: