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Getting To Yum With Karen Le Billon

A chat with author Karen Le Billon about dinnertime games, her new book, and learning to love your veggies!

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Marshmallow Salad & Childhood Memories: A Chat with Jenny Konkin

Jenny Konkin explores her family history via a recipe for Marshmallow Salad. Here, she reminisces about reunions, dinners, and learning to make food…

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Making Meals Matter

Learn how you can model healthy eating habits and make meals matter.


Family Meals: Creating Traditions in the Kitchen

​​For Maria Helm Sinskey—author, award-winning chef, and mother—one of the best ways to spend time with family and friends is to gather in the…

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Kid-Friendly Recipes

Lemon Ginger Quinoa Granola

No matter what you serve with this delightful Lemon, Ginger, Quinoa Granola, you will love it!!

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Crêpes à la Daniel and Nicholas

Brunner? Yes, crêpes are good for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

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What Better Together is about

Better Together BC is here to help you experience the joys of cooking and eating together—whether in your family or with other groups of people. There are many benefits to eating together, including better nutrition, better school performance, and better social adjustment for everyone involved: kids, youth and adults. We know it's not always easy, but we're all in this together!